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Triathlon Coaching

Our monthly rolling triathlon coaching programmes are designed with one purpose in mind - to help you achieve your potential and reach your goals. Perhaps you've chosen your goal race for 2011 but finishing that first tri or crossing the line in Hawaii seems such a long way off - we'll help you get there.

We also offer 1-1 triathlon coaching sessions or days as spending quality time with your coach can prove invaluable in your quest for better performances. This could be in addition to your monthly coaching programme or it could be a stand alone session whatever your level.

Triathlon Training Schedules

Need a 20 week triathlon training program? We have long distance/Ironman, middle distance and olympic programs available for purchase online. Every program has a comprehensive 20 week schedule - we've done everything for you but the training!

In addition to your triathlon training schedule, each week we'll also send you an exclusive triathlon e-mail with reminders of activities that you need to complete (in addition to your training), cutting edge training tips or valuable check lists such as the pre race checklist to make sure you don't forget any kit on race morning.

Triathlon Bootcamps

Take your training to the next level... step up to a bootcamp! We run half day TriFaster Workshops - great for perfecting one aspect of your triathlon performance in just a morning, or perhaps you'd prefer to develop all three aspects of your performance on our Triathlon Training Weekends.

Finally, for the more adventurous join us on our Long Distance Training Camps for overseas triathlon training in the sun - these camps are designed to allow you to fully focus on preparation for your key race and leave no stone unturned in the search for success.

Triathlon Case Studies

If you asked us the direct question about whether we could help you achieve your goals you'd probably expect a fairly biased response. So rather than taking our word for it why not read about what some of our happy athletes have to say by reading our case studies.

« Pictured: Andrew Smallwood achieved "peak" performance with TTC coaching.

Latest News

I love it when the racing season starts. I’ve met so many triathletes over the year that every race I go to is like a big reunion and a chance to catch up briefly with old friends.

Some of them have been training for as long as me and each year it just the same old routine  with minimal improvement. I guess they just enjoy the lifestyle and going to races.

Occasionally though I meet someone who has made a massive breakthrough afters years of stagnation. When I ask them what changes they often tell me that rather than because of something that they started its because they stopped doing something.

So if you are spending hours per week training and not getting the rewards you deserve then maybe you have a training habit or two that needs dropping.

Here are 5 habits to ditch that will help you make big gains in your fitness this spring. (more…)

Having used the last 2 weeks to introduce you to some of the “sweet spot” sessions that you can do in the pool and on the bike, this week its time to share some running sessions. Its not going to turn you into a cheetah but with consistent running you will be quicker.
Before that a word of caution. The spring time is traditionally a time when athletes introduce some faster running into their programme and with it come the inevitable injuries. Ask any physio and they will tell you about an upturn of running related injuries in March and April.
Its not fast running per se that is the problem, more the change from steady running to faster pace too quickly. Thats why TTC coaches like to include fast running all year round. In fact its a good idea to include high intensity work for all 3 sports, 12 months of the year, All you need to do then is adjust the priority with the change of seasons. (more…)

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